Cheesecake Diaries – Pineapple & Marshmallow

The Ancient Greeks invented a few important things that we all use today… Coined Money, Central Heating, Maps and the list goes on. But who would have thought they came up with the most important addition to modern day life?! I am of course talking of the humble cheesecake. Those who know me will know my slight obsession with Cheesecake.

Whilst I take my grand trip around the world I have taken it upon myself to try a few cheesecakes. This all gave birth to the Whittle cheesecake rating system.

Good friends of mine Mr & Mrs Whittle came up with the system and each section is scored out of 5. The Criteria is:
AORD (Any Other Redeeming Features e.g. sparklers)

Takapun Market Cheesecake-01

So… Lets rate this cheesecake!
This was a homemade Pineapple & Marshmallow cheesecake and was of the unbaked variety. I scored it as follows:
Base – 5/5
Texture – 5/5
Taste – 5/5
Size – 3/5
Presentation – 4/5
AORD – 4/5 (Homemade & Marshmallows are a definite tick in my book!)
Total: 26/30

Great cheesecake and at only $2.50 it was a bargain! With the sweetness of the Pineapple and the addition of Marshmallows it pretty much perfect, the fact the stall only had 3 left says a lot! Only problem was there wasn’t enough of it… (but I guess you can never have enough cheesecake!)

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