Selling the Feijoa–The Final Step


The final and probably most rewarding part of the whole Feijoa experience is seeing the Feijoa’s sell.

Getting the Feijoa to the market is the result of many hours of work and a lot care and attention. The Feijoa experience for me has seen me Mulching the Trees, Thinning the Fruit, Labelling the Trees & Finally picking the fruit.

After the fruit is picked, it is categorised to size and quality, with 2nd’s being kept for home consumption, once this is done the fruit is ready for the markets.

The market the Feijoa’s were sold at today was Takapun Market. It is a great buzzing market with a whole manner of stalls featuring cuisine, fresh produce and products from a range of different cultures and countries. The Feijoa’s sold like hotcakes (you get the feeling Feijoa’s are a highly popular fruit when you see people getting excited over there size!) and seeing and hearing the enthusiasm for the fresh produce really makes all the work worth while.


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