1 Month Down In Queenstown


So my 11 weeks in Kaukapakapa are 1 month behind me and Queenstown has well and truly taken its grips around me.


Queenstown is one of those bizarre places that you cannot really explain, you really just have to experience it. Like anywhere fairly decent its the general atmosphere around the place that sells Queenstown more than anything. For entertainment there is plenty to do (and plenty of ways to spend money) anything from Skiing to Bungee Jumping to Jet boat riding there is literally something for all outdoor types.

If stunning landscapes is your thing, Queenstown would almost certainly float your boat, with amazing lakes surround by beautiful mountains, you would come here and not want to leave!

So after 1 month I have learnt to snowboard, done a bungee, celebrated a birthday with best steak and ribs I have ever had (courtesy of Flame Restaurant) and experienced the worlds best burgers at Fergburger… What the next month holds, who knows!

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