Hi! Im Stuart. I am 27years old. And I have created this website to try and pass on information that I have picked up whilst travelling.So… a little bit about me. Originally from England I am Design Engineer, I mainly use Solidworks to design (and have since I was 13yrs old). I worked an apprenticeship from the age of 18 and after a lot of hard work and studying I worked my way up in the engineering world and have been lucky to have experience many different sectors of design (Automotive, Aviation, Retail) and have worked with many materials (Plastics, Metals, Woods, Rubbers).After working for 7yrs within Engineering I made the tough decision to leave a good job behind and go see the world. So after a few months planning and a lot of nerves I started on a journey that has definitely changed me and my outlook on life. After months of travelling my first long stay country was New Zealand. I look at New Zealand with much fondness and definitely feels like a second home for me. One of my main objectives when travelling was to pick up skills and experience things that build me as a person… So that’s what I did! When arriving in New Zealand my first place of Residence was on a small Feijoa farm in Kaukapakapa (Auckland area) working for free in return for Accomodation & food. I wanted to experience a proper Kiwi family life and have a bit of normality for a little while. My duties were split from helping on the Orchids to Working on the houses which they had on site… Every day I was learning a new skill, be it to do with thinning a Feijoa tree or how to build a carport or lay a driveway! After 2 and a half months on the farm I was lucky enough to get a job in Queenstown (a 2hr flight down from Auckland) working with NZSki as a dispatcher. Working as a dispatcher was basically the job of controlling transport between Queenstown and the Mountain Ski Resorts (which were about a 20-45min bus drive depending on the mountain). This job was VERY fast paced, I had to deal with a lot of information at one time and I had to make Educated & informed decisions which had a big effect on the customers Experience and I was the go to guy for Customers, Bus Drivers, Management and the Mountain Staff to provide information and get things done. As well as all this I developed a computer System for the Transport Department which played a big part in keeping track of Bus & Customer Data.All of these skills as dispatcher will be transferable to many areas of work and I look back to the craziness of my Days in Queenstown working as dispatcher as being very thankful for the experience, of which I would not of been able to get if I stayed at home. I was fortunate enough to work 2 seasons at NZSki before my visa ran out. I had to come home and think of a new plan! Which brings me to today! I am now in Munich… A beautiful city in the Bavarian South Area of Germany. Munich is a long term plan for me, I have come here to broaden my engineering knowledge and learn German and create a new base. Learning a second language has always been on my to do list…. So this is me doing it!



My Skills
3DCAD Designer
Creating 3D Photo Visuals
Drawing Boarder Creation & Administration Database Design
Drawing with BOM’s
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Working With DXF’s
Working with PDF’s
Image to Vector Conversion
Computer Administration
CNC Machine Programming
Understanding how parts are Manufactured
Customer Service
Working with Clients
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Outlook
HyperMill CAM software
CAD/CAM Programming with 5Axis CNC Mills & 4Axis Lathes
Balancing Workload
Effective Communication
Photography (Product Photography etc)



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