Insurance… How confusing can you be!?


Embarking on a trip around the world seems great!…. DSLR Camera at the ready, Laptop all sorted!….  Until you have to do all the little nigly things – one of them being insurance, then it can all get a bit confusing! Well… for me it did anyhow!

I found that the difference in costs, the amount of companies available, the different grades of cover and knowing if there trustworthy did not make the decision as simple as one would think, but with research it all came together… finally

One thing I had to bare in mind when searching through the endless companies and comparisons sites, was what I wanted to insure,  for instance along with travel insurance (for medical, cancellation, loss of passport etc) I am taking a DSLR camera, few lenses & a laptop in which I will want to get insured, but trying to kill 4 birds with 1 stone may not be the best option, especially with my camera. I am also looking doing a spot of white water rafting, perhaps sky diving and who knows what else when abroad, so I need to be aware of what my insurance covers and what it does not cover (as standard…), as I’m not necessarily going to get it all covered in one go, this will allow me to to up the cover when the time comes. It is always important to read the insurance policy document, no matter how boring they seem! So you don’t get caught out 🙂 

Companies Used

Travel Insurance

I decided to go with Direct Travel. After a bit of research and a lot of quotes direct travel seemed for my situation to be the best company. They get a good review from moneysavingexpert, they weren’t the most expensive yet they weren’t the most cheapest (Just over £200 for the yr)  and covered all the main areas that I need covered. The only thing that might need to be added on in a later date if needed is Winter Cover & Sky Diving.

Camera Insurance

E&I Insurance  seem to tick all the boxes for me…  it covers world wide travel, Unattended vehicle cover etc. Just be sure to read the security document as you must fall in line with this to insure you camera is covered. This is going to cost me £55 for a years insurance. (Covering £1500 of equipment)

Laptop Insurance + Plus Other Items

This is the area I’m still looking into, I’m thinking I may covering my Laptop and a few other bits n bobs with an overall £1000 back packer activities cover (costing £50) from hbinsurance, but I’m waiting on clarification of what this covers, as the wording is unclear in the documents…. as always! *UPDATE* hbInsurance, only insure items up to £100… The search continues!