A day in Pulau Ubin

It was coming quite apparent that the main aim for Singapore was to try and spend as little as possible _DSC0226whilst filling up a day… So we headed out to a small island of Singapore called Pulau Ubin.

The venture started at 10:30… We caught the No2 Bus from victoria street, which luckily enough took us straight to the ferry terminal which was its last stop. For this 45min trip it set us a back a whole SG$2.

The ferry terminal was pretty straight forward… They wait for 12 people, and then go! So there’s no set timetable. The 10min Ferry trip came in at SG$2.50… another bargain!

When at the island you are hit by a whole load of shelters offering bike hire, naturally they are all very keen at getting your business. A bike with suspension (Im soooo glad i chose suspension come the end of the day) was SG$10. Once you hire the bike you get given a map of the island with all the different biking routes on it.

Pulau Ubin Bike MapPulau Ubin is generally filled up with bright blue water quarries, lots of trees and great scenery. Be sure to take lots of water or change to get water from the various vending machines. If you are looking for a bite to eat, or somewhere to chill, then there is an activity camp on the island. The restaurant/bar area is on a little island within the resort accessed by crossing some floating rafters. The water surrounding was full of fish, sharks & sting-rays and was a great way to wind down from many hours of cycling.

Aside from cycling, there are also areas that you park your bike and have to do by foot, these include some small trekking routes and a walk around the wetlands.

By the time we had finished cycling the hole island and come back to the Hostel, it was coming up to 6:30pm, so a great day for anyone looking to do something different.