So the packing list is born (At last!)


Life hasn’t really changed much since booking my trip, sure I’m a few £1000 down and I’m more knowledgeable on the countries that await my arrival, but the exciting prospect of me jetting off on the 4th of Jan hasn’t really hit home yet… But the clock is most certainly ticking! As of today I have 49 days to go, and one thing that keeps getting put behind other commitments is my packing list, so I’ve decided to get this sorted (plus a fellow travel friend… CLAIRE, keeps bugging me to do it!)

The first thing I’ve naturally done when thinking about a packing list is more research (hurrah!) in terms of reading blogs and asking for other peoples experience on packing lists, this all helps to prepare me for what I need, and help me tick off the bits I’ve already purchased.

So here is my list and the items I have purchased so far. I’m sure this list will change many times, but you’ve got to start somewhere heh?!

Packing List

  • BackpackKarrimor Karrimor Global 70 90 Rucksack
    I went for the Karrimor Global 70-90 backpack, decent sized backpack, with the option of expanding if you feel the need to. Purchased from Field & Trek. Like most outdoor/adventure shops, many a keen and experienced person willing to help you decide which pack pack you require.


  • Shoes
    As I didn’t really have any shoes that would be suitable for any long distance walking,  I went for the Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra 2. Its a long  title for a shoe… I just hope they turn out ok!For other general walking about and the hostel showers I will be wearing my flip flops – General consensus is to always wear flip flops in the showers, as you don’t really know who or what has been there before you!
  • Clothing
    T-Shirts (2-3)
    Polo shirts (1-2)
    Long Sleeve top (1-2) to protect from Mosquito’s
    Hoody/Fleece (1-2)
    Shorts (2-3)
    Swim Shorts (1-2)
    Jeans (1)
    Light-Weight Trousers (1-2)
  • Essentials
    A waterproof Overcoat
    Sleeping Liner
    Water Bottles
    Multi-Function Tool (Knife… Bottle Opener etc)
    Plastic Bowl with Cutlery
    Mosquito Repellent
    Travel Washing Line
    Sink Plug
    Fibre Towel
    First Aid Kit
    Personal Hygiene Stuff (Deodorant, Soap etc)
  • Security
    Combination Lock for Lockers in hostels
    Combination locks for backpack & Day Pack
    Retractable Security Cable
  • Other Bits ‘n’ Bobs
    Money Belt
    Deck of cards (for passing time on long journeys)
    Notepad & Pen (for taking notes, getting directions etc)
    Tupperware Container (to put things in that I don’t want squished at the bottom of my bag)
    Dustbin sacks
    Ear Plugs (Not everyone sleeps like a quiet angel in the dorms!)
    Mobile Phone
    Passport photos
    Photocopy of Important Documents